Did not attend (DNA) policy

What a DNA is

A DNA appointment is when a patient does not turn up for appointments, and does not contact the surgery to cancel or change the appointment.

This creates a significant strain on the NHS.

We understand that there are situations that can make it impossible for you to cancel your appointment, for example being admitted to hospital.

Our DNA policy

  1. If you fail to attend an appointment at the surgery, you will receive a warning letter via the post or a text message after each missed appointment.
  2. If you fail to attend three appointments within a year, you will be removed from the practice.

Cancelling appointments

To avoid DNA appointments, you can use the NHS app or online services to cancel your appointments.

You can also get a text reminder of your appointment, and you can reply to this to cancel if necessary. Please make sure we have the right mobile number for you.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss DNAs, please contact the surgery.

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